Vibroacoustic: Inner Soulutions® Sound Mat

What is Vibroacoustics?

Every organ, bone, and virtually every “cell” in the human body vibrates at its own resonant frequency. Together, they make up a composite frequency much like a symphony orchestra. The premise is when an organ in the body is out of tune, it can affect the health of the entire body.

Vibroacoustics is defined as “the process of hearing sound vibrations through the body.” Vibroacoustic music is intended to resonate the body directly through nerves, skin, and bones — the sound is not directed to the ears.

How is Vibroacoustics Done?

The Inner Soulutions® Sound Mat is a multisensory mat that combines music and vibration designed to induce the relaxation response. Sound vibration is fed through the mat, sending vibration throughout the entire body and relaxing your muscles. The Rest Audio music is specially designed with low frequency sounds to activate the vibration in the mat while the soothing music calms the mind with binaural beat.

What are the Potential Benefits of Vibroacoustics?

The combination of these sensory components can induce the muscles to relax and the mind to quiet for total mind and body relaxation helping to reduce blood pressure, blood glucose levels, slow breathing and lower heart rates. Sessions are between 20 – 30 minutes.

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*Please note
The use of the Vibroacoustics Sound Mat Acutonic is considered part of the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. While Vibroacoustics Sound Mat is intended for “healing”, it is not to be construed that the use of it is the practice of medicine, psychology, psychotherapy, or other licensed health care practice. Please refer to the Disclaimer for more information.