What is Energy Balancing Work?

The theoretical basis of energy balancing techniques is that all life, including our bodies, radiates invisible energy fields. There are three major systems of the human vibrational matrix.

1.) Human Energy Field (Biofield or Aura or Subtle Body) – Multi-layered energy envelope around the body.

2.) Chakra System – Seven invisible spinning vortices of energy located vertically from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. System referred to in yoga.

3.) Meridian System – 14 major energy pathways containing release points. This system is used in Chinese Acupuncture. These points are tapped by fingers in an Energy Balancing Session.

The premise is that it is the vital life force energy that fuels one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well- being. The Chinese call it Qi; the Japanese call it Ki and in India it is called Prana. When a person’s energy flows freely, body, mind and spirit are in balance and able to “right” themselves when life becomes difficult.

However, stress, worry, anxiousness and challenging life events are believed to weaken or block energy creating an imbalance in the system that can lead to a variety of mental, emotional and physical distresses.

Through the use of Energy Balancing Techniques (EBT), the Energy Balancing practitioner intends to serve as a conduit to Universal Life Force Energy (Source) and can use a variety of techniques which may include light hands-on touch, sound and vibration with the client designed to reestablish the free flow of the natural life force energy within the body, mind and spirit.

While it’s not possible to provide any guarantees, many clients report experiencing a release on many levels and a renewed sense of well-being, peace and mental clarity.