Energy Balancing Techniques for Sports

Athletes spend years learning and practicing their chosen sport without dedicating the same level of energy to learn the mental skills associated with optimizing their game such as, how to manage their frustration, anger, self -criticism, and fear of failure or fear of disappointing their coaches.

It is not the lack of will power; it’s not knowing the mental technique for shedding circling thoughts of frustration and self-criticism when they do not play well.

A single athlete shifting his/her mental thought process from self-criticism to self-encouragement is often a game changer for the team.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is used as a technique based on the principles developed by the Chinese acupressure practitioners 5,000 years ago.

The premise: Thoughts are energy and our body responds and acts on the current energy. Quieting the mind and unblocking energy in the body’s energy pathways can naturally restore an individual to peak performance.

EFT is designed to be a quick natural, effective technique that the athlete can use pre and post competition to reduce emotional stress, restore energy flow in his body and immediately enhance peak physical performance.

Positive thoughts = energy flows through the body and it moves with ease.

Negative thoughts = energy is blocked in the body and it feels resistance in movements.

An athlete using EFT taps his fingers on his face, torso and hands on the end points of the “energy pathways” with the intent to clear energy blocks and hold new positive intentions.

A single hour session may have a measurable effect. For Boys, Girls, Men, and Women.
(For more general information see “Energy Balancing Techniques“).