Havening Techniques®

The Havening Techniques® (Havening) are described as a type of psychosensory technique based on the fields of neuroscience and neurobiology which uses sensory input in order to alter thought, mood, and behavior.

It is believed that when an event or experience is perceived as traumatic or stressful it becomes immutably encoded in the psyche and the body, often with life altering consequences. Havening is designed to make changes in the brain in order to de-traumatize and remove from both the psyche and the body the emotional memory of a traumatic or stressful life event and its negative effects. Therefore, Havening is a modality that is designed to help individuals overcome problems that are the consequence of traumatic or stressful encoding and is comprised of protocols that use touch as a therapeutic tool.

For more information about Havening Techniques® go to www.havening.org

*Please note
The Havening Techniques are considered part of the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. While the Havening Techniques are intended for “healing”, it is not to be construed that the use of the Havening Techniques is the practice of medicine, psychology, psychotherapy, or other licensed health care practice. Please refer to the Disclaimer for more information.