A vow is a very specialized kind of energetic cord that binds the heart. Vows are always made consciously. They can come from this lifetime or past lifetimes. The vow can be negative, like someone vowing to “take out” someone else. Vows can hinder “free will” in this life.

Types of Past Life Vows:

*to God, as in religious orders; ie silence, obedience, poverty
*to another person, as in marriage or to protect someone
*to a group, as in secret societies.
*To oneself ie to stop abusing harmful substance, silence etc.

This 2 hour workshop is an introduction to finding, clearing or editing vows from past lives or present life to help one open a new stream of positive creative energy for the present life to help improve relationships, careers, and creative pursuits. An easy to learn Muscle testing technique or “applied kinesiology “ is also taught.

Date: March 13, 2024 IN PERSON
Time: 7PM-9PM
Cost: $35
Instructor: Harriette McDonough LCSW, DCEP, ACP-EFT
Place: LI Healing Arts & Learning Center, 868 Jericho Turnpike, Huntington, NY
Register: LI Healing Arts & Learning Center 631-223-2781 embrace44@gmail.com