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Equilibrium is the natural state of life and nature. Equilibrium is critical for survival and thriving. Given the opportunity, nature will self-correct and self-heal to reestablish its natural state of equilibrium.

Like nature, we are born in a state of equilibrium with a balanced body, mind, heart and spirit; we seek not just to survive but also to thrive. As infants, our body’s energetic systems are highly attuned and work in concert with each other. Infants are sponges soaking in the experiences of their new natural environment. If the needs of the infant’s body, mind, spirit and heart are met all systems remain in balance.

In equilibrium, we experience a heart centered, joyful and purposeful life. If a child’s environment is emotionally unresponsive or hostile, the process of self-protection begins. The body stores these discordant messages in its cells. A disturbing range of emotions now become part of our emotional database resulting in patterns of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about ourselves and our world. Ultimately, our hearts and our connection to ourselves and Source becomes veiled and temporarily blocked.

Re-establishing equilibrium requires an awakening of the sleeping consciousness and the dismantling of excessive protection. This self- correction enables us to return to our God given right to experience a joyful, meaningful life.


The Physical Balance

Our body is a brilliant and persistent messenger of our unconscious mind. When our emotions, mind and spirit are “dead asleep” or unaware of unresolved life lessons, our bodies will create somatic pain messages with a range of severity and locations to grab the attention of our conscious mind. While all physical ailments and injuries must be medically diagnosed, injuries, their locations and whether they “come and go” hold profound and rich information about our body’s energetic disruption.

A chronic left shoulder pain may have been caused by lifting a heavy object but that pain may also signal an excessive shouldering of responsibility caring for a family member or close friend. Gallbladder issues suggest poor eating and digesting habits but also may speak of muffled anger and rage.

The body knows it needs to get your attention when you are not in equilibrium; if the energetic origins of the physical symptoms are not addressed consciously the body will continue to send the same somatic, or physical messages with increased severity.


The Emotional Balance

The emotional layer of our body’s energy field is the storage facility for our emotional history. Our energy field holds in our cells, all of the emotions experienced from the day we were born. These held emotions are positive and negative as well as conscious and unconscious. Our emotional fields keep a record of our heartaches, traumas, losses, angers, fears, loves, and triumphs; basically, every event that triggers an emotional response also contains layers of emotions from the past. This is referred to as the cellular memory.

For example, you may be fully aware of your anger the moment a car cuts you off on the highway but are you also aware of the deeper frustration that event triggered? Disrespect and feeling invisible are just two examples of deeper such frustrations.

It is important to clear the “cellular memory” of the emotion on the body’s energy field and return the emotional field back to equilibrium. Re-establishing emotional balance also lets the heart know that it is safe to open.


The Mental Balance

Mental Balance is the ability to stay present in each situation, calmly observing the event details with equal amounts of logic and emotion without being pulled back into an old, negative belief. As a young child you are naturally curious, you see all of life as an experience and you are fully present to it. However, if one of your experiences is being punished for not finishing every morsel of food on your plate, you soon disregard your stomach’s messages that you are full or hungry, and now mealtime is a battle of the wills with your mother. If this scenario is repeated enough a limiting life belief and eating disorder are born.

Another example might be that if your alcoholic parent doesn’t remember his/her promise to come to watch your soccer game and you are sad, rejected, and disappointed each time, you soon develop a belief of unworthiness and distrust of yourself and others.

What is insidious about this process is that many negative thought patterns or limiting life beliefs run silently in the background of our lives like the operating system software of a computer. All subsequent events are filtered through these beliefs creating mental and emotional distortions and conclusions.

Bringing these thought patterns and beliefs into awareness and clearing the energetic blocks they create in your logic and emotions, returns your whole system to your natural state of balance and curiosity and back on the road to thriving.


The Spiritual Balance

Spiritual balance transcends the mundane life experiences of earth while holding the undeniable knowledge that we are both individual and collective sparks of divine source. We come to recognize that this divine spark is also the “witness” of our own life experiences. This divine “witness” observes our emotions, mental thought and somatic messages in the roles we play in our lives.

When unexpected events like a fender bender occur, our spiritual balance is measured by how we react. Also, if we react negatively, how long will we hold on to the negativity? Do we blame the other driver? Deny personal accountability? Are we frustrated by the insurance papers, police reports, and car repair processes? Do we then take this frustration home to our family?

The small quiet voice of the witness reminds us to take a deep breath and ask broad perspective questions such as, what kind of message is this accident sending me? What do these upset feelings and upset stomach remind me of? What could I have done to prevent this? The witness reminds us that the point of life and all its experiences is that it is a rich soul evolving journey filled with lessons, along with ‘aha’ moments of wisdom and if we stay awake we can have the joy of the here and now and the well-being of living in our “purpose.”