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I have 2 girls in college. One of them is very fun loving, and outgoing but she has had some issues growing up and was drinking too much. The other one is very structured, quiet and independent. She does not really care what others think. I wanted to make sure that they had the best lives they could so I suggested that they see Harriette. My independent one was all for it. The fun loving one, wanted no part of it but she said she would go.

After their first visit they were both hooked. They looked forward to going every week. One of my daughters said she hated to drive home after a session because she was so “high”, and she did not want to spoil it. They really enjoy the “so hum” meditation.

Harriette she explained to me that children today are more vibrationally sensitive then adults and their “wiring” allows them to feel things more intently.

After 2 months of seeing Harriette, we went away on vacation and 1 of my daughters said she could not sleep in her room. She felt it was haunted. Harriette must have had an inkling that something was up because she called me the next day. I was laughing when I told her that my daughter thought there was something in her room. She asked to speak to her and told her what she needed to do to be comfortable in that room. As a result she went from hating the house to being very comfortable in it.

I see amazing changes in each of my girls. They both are more self- assured and are becoming  more of the happy persons they were when they were little. They are being true to themselves and their inner guidance. The one who did not want to go to Harriette initially, is the one who is more excited about going. They have even gotten 2 of their friends to go see Harriette. I also see the effect they are having on their friends. I believe as individuals and as a family we are in one of the happiest places we have been in a long time. I am truly grateful to Harriette for opening up her heart and teaching my family the way to true happiness. I eagerly await each and every day.

~ Mother of 2 college age girls